Inside of Suzuya

Suzuya restaurant use folk art furniture as chair, table, art and ornaments. The oldest chair and table is used since 1966. It is still active!

The Hida-furniture has warm feeling, many customers has used.

Our illumination was customized pincushion wheel, it is very rare design.

On the wall, a large print carved by the print department, who were junior high-school students at the time, is displayed.

Number of seats

Chair and table 34people

Tatami sheet 6people

Large Room

The big room is used Hida-furniture and typical light mister created wall light.

#We can separate the room half by partition.

The room’s big print is Kankakokan. #ring the bell to the whistle and dance,this is one of festival role. Sounds like Kan-Kako-Kan that is origin.

epeople table *5=20people available

Car Parking

The parking is nnext to our restaurant

8 Standard-size cars available


1  Large bus 

Bus Parking

2 large buses available

The parking is 50m ahead of our restaurant